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Variance between CLNA perspectives: K12 & CTC


For years, our Futures Research projects have delved into Career and Technical Education (CTE) from a post-secondary perspective. Now, we're thrilled to share our latest twist: investigating CTE from a K12 viewpoint, uncovering fascinating variances in key topics.

One of our K12 projects is poised to inform school districts' CLNA plans, focusing on two critical areas:

  1. Equity in Work-Based Learning (WBL) Opportunities
  2. Supporting Seamless Transition Pathways

While paid WBL experiences dominate post-secondary discussions, our K12 research detects a shift. We are seeing the prioritization of strategies focused on family and community engagement to foster trust and enhance the perceived value of WBL.

This K12 CLNA project sheds light on an intriguing trend: some students may lose interest in specific pathways after WBL experiences and it’s important to treat that as progress. It's a challenge that demands proactive pathway pivoting to ensure students find their best-fit career trajectories without feeling failure and becoming disinterested.

When it comes to Seamless Transitions, our discussions with CTC leaders spotlight dual credit schemes as a beacon of success. However, from a K12 standpoint, transitioning out of high school presents significant support gaps, making college entry daunting for many. Also, there is concern that many high school students don’t value, don’t know how to use, or don’t understand the credit they’ve earned.

Amidst these complexities, bright spots emerge. Industries are pioneering pathways through internships and apprenticeships, driven by local needs and relationships, offering promising avenues for post-secondary employment.

Throughout all our projects, one theme remains constant: the importance of person-to-person relationships. Connections between students, families, educators, higher education leaders, or industry professionals are the cornerstone of successful WBL and Seamless Transitions.

Stay tuned for more updates as our research unfolds! 

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