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Industry Engagement and CTE Success


The research findings and policy recommendations by Advance CTE align well with data collected by Futures Research. However, we also find that there may be value in incorporating a strategy focused on continuous industry engagement into a shared vision for a CTE program. CTE programs have the potential to revolutionize how leadership is recruited, developed, and encouraged to stay involved in their professional field. There are several conditions that indicate a need for a more innovative approach to CTE leadership, including a high number of retirements in CTE programs, strong competition for talent from industry and other CTE programs, changing career expectations among younger leaders, and a widespread shortage of human resources. One potential approach to foster effective CTE leadership is to establish cyclic partnerships where professionals move between the educational and industrial workspaces, possibly with co-funding from industry. This approach could bring transformative improvements by keeping CTE programs relevant and connected to industries, retaining experienced professionals, and offsetting costs.