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The Competency of Hopefulness


The concept of "hope" is currently trending in our assessment data for CTE Pathways. We've been asking the same types of people about the same types of things over the past four years and "hope" is a noticeably new blip on our radar. It seems fresh, relevant, and important to call out. As data collection continues, it will be interesting to watch this concept evolve. Below are a few facets about "hope" emerging in our data. 

  1. Who's talking about it
    1. College leaders with accountability for the success of students and faculty
  2. Contexts
    1. Moving people's mindsets beyond "post-COVID" paralysis and apathy
    2. Outreach strategies to potential students (K12 & adult learners)
    3. Innovation in instructional design and student supports
  3. Role of "hope"
    1. A required condition for student & faculty motivation
    2. A skill/perspective/behavior that can be taught formally and informally
    3. The role of hope in education is core but ephemeral, it requires intentional effort
    4. Hope begets hope

To be tested: 

  • Are we're seeing a competency of hopefulness? 
  • Can it (should it) be assessed?